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The first world war or the ‘great war’ started on 28th of July 1914 and ended on 11th of November 1918. The History of Veterans Day war was fought between the allied forces of Britain, France, Russia, United States and Italy, and the central powers which included Germany, Ottoman Empire, Austria, Hungary and Bulgaria. It all started when a Serb assassinated Archduke Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary.

Veterans Day 2018

The world War one ended on 11th of November 1918.One year later the day when the world war ended was declared the ‘Veterans Day’ and was first named as ‘Armistice Day’. In 1926 the Congress passed a resolution for the observance of the day and in 1938 a national holiday was declared. Till now this day is celebrated with much enthusiasm across the United states of America on the 11th of November regardless of the day it falls on. The celebrations are conducted on this special day because it has much significance in the history of America and many other countries who were the allies in the World War 1.

History of Veterans Day

Though the word veteran means the person who serves in defense forces, in this case it is taken as the people who serve or have served in the American army. The American nation and the government celebrate this day to commemorate the services that the armed forces have rendered in the past and are still rendering for their nation’s freedom and protection. To celebrate this day different ceremonies are held across the country. A special parade is organized by the government.

Many private organizations also conduct special ceremonies where the veterans are invited as guests and asked to share their war experiences. It is a fact that the armed forces are the reason for a good night’s sleep and a peaceful day of the nation. They have to make a number of sacrifices in order to protect their country form the evil eye of the enemy. Doing this is not easy and the veterans have to make great sacrifices to do their duty with full concentration. They have to sacrifice their family life and stay away from their families for a long duration.

There are many special moments that they miss in their life like birth of their babies, marriages of their siblings and unfortunately passing away of their loved ones. They are not present at the parent teachers meetings at school sometimes they even miss the graduation of their kids.

The nation knows that they just cannot thank the veterans enough no matter how hard they try, so, they arrange different functions, parades and programs and invite the veterans who have fought wars and they share their experiences. They inspire a lot of young men to join army.

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