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Special “Veterans Day Poems 2018” for Student & Church

Famous Veterans Day Poems 2018 – The world war 1 that was fought between Germany and America along with its allies ended on the 11th hour of the 11the day of the 11th month in the year 1918. At the first anniversary of the end to world war 1 the veteran day is celebrated throughout America. In the very beginning it was called Armistice Day but today it is mostly known as the Veterans day. This day is not observed to celebrate the win in the great war or to glorify the war but it is only observed to thank the heroes who fought bravely for more than four years and are still guarding our borders so that we could live peacefully.

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Veterans Day Poems for Students

The veterans day is celebrated with parades in different cities that are organized by the state and some celebrate it with flag waving. The best way to express your emotions and your gratitude is by displaying the veterans day poems , sayings and wishes. It is not possible for all the people to express their feelings the same way as their friends or families do. They write their own Veterans Day poems and get them published in their school or college magazines.

Veterans of wars unjust or just
Equally deserve consideration,
Their anger, hatred, fear, and livid lust
Equally in service to their nation.
Remember that the battlefield remains
A place where murder is one’s daily duty.
Nor can one be so brutal without stains
Seeping into one’s one well of beauty.
Do, then, pay them homage due, for they
Are heroes, though their bitter battles may
Yield nothing but their bitterness for booty.

There are thousands of people out there who want to show their feelings for the brave men and women serving in the armed forces of the country, so they do not only pay tribute to them in form of poetry they even get it printed on cloth and make a flag out of it and the enroll themselves with the parade participants so that they could display their love and gratitude for the army in the best possible way.

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Veterans Day Poems for Soldiers

This year the Americans are celebrating their 100th veterans day and to celebrate this day to the contentment of their heart the people have started searching for the veteran day poems, sayings, and wishes that they could use to express their emotions for the Veterans who are still protecting them from the harm of the enemy.

For last 100 years people have been writing veterans day poems, saying and wishes for the brave veterans of America that the youth of today still wants to use as they are usually short of words when it’s time to express their true emotions.

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Veterans Day Thanks You Poems

In the past the people who had low vocabulary to write some lines of their own used to consult the library books so that they could use the Veterans day poems written by famous poets but today the internet has made this very easy for the people as there are dozens of websites that have a huge treasure of veterans day poems, sayings and wishes that the people could use to print on their T-shirts, it is a growing trend that the young boys get their T-shirts printed with the most meaningful sayings that touch the hearts of every Veteran.

Thousands of school and college students like sending cards to the veterans to show their love and gratitude, they gather the veterans day wishes form the internet and add them to the card they buy.

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