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Veterans day is celebrated throughout America to celebrate the end of world war 1 and pay tribute to the brave army men and women who sacrificed their lives to protect their country and its citizens from the evil intentions of the enemies. 11th of November is a national holiday in America and the day is celebrated by the government with parades that are held across the country.

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Top Ten Veterans Day Songs List 2018

  • American Soldiers
  • Some Gave All
  • America The Beautiful
  • Born In The USA
  • Masters Of War
  • I Can’t Write Left-Handed
  • Tin Soldiers
  • I Ain’t Marching Anymore
  • War
  • Bring The Boys Home

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parades are not the only way to celebrate this auspicious occasion, the non-government organizations always plan something different and new each year. The music concerts held at different places are an added attraction for all those who want to pay tribute to their defense forces. Most of the people think that music is just for entertainment, but it is not true, in fact music is the most beautiful way to express ones feeling in a convenient and pleasant manner.

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Hundreds of singers across America start preparing new songs for Veterans Day celebration each year. The song writers write these songs with deep thinking about the blissful day when the world war one ended. They pen down their heart felt feelings and the composers leave no page unturned when they compose these songs. With joint efforts of the writers and composer beautiful melodies are created and with lots of rehearsals the singers prepare these songs that they release on the Veterans day.

These meaningful songs become the words of every American who wants to pay homage to the people who sacrifice everything for the love of their country and its inhabitants.

The veterans day songs are a great source of motivation for the people already serving the army and an inspiration for those who want to join the armed forces. People seldom remember what others do for them but the services done by army men are always remembered and become a significant part of the history.

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